China:Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 Transfer(around 90km)

China:Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 Transfer(around 90km)

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China.Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal 2 Transfer(around 90km)





l Language:  Chinese

l Pick up,Drop off:  Yes

l Tour guide:  No

l Cancellation policy:  No cancellation or refund can be made once confirmed

l Wheelchair accessible:  No



Full description

1.The price includes all fees for toll, parking, etc. No more extra fees.

2.Driver will only wait maximum 30 mins for free.  Later than the driver's standard waiting time,you will be charged RMB30 per hour for standard or comfortable vehicle, RMB50 per hour for business or luxury vehicle. Please pay overtime fees to the driver(no invoice).

3.Order at least 5 hours before.



√ Free Waiting within 30 mins 

×Other fees not included in the above 

Friend tips 

1.Can't stop midway, detour, or temporarily change the route.

2.If the destination cannot be reached due to traffic factors, such as mountains, forests, islands, sea, desert, no man's land, etc., the driver will send you to the nearest location as appropriate.

3.The vehicle arrangement is in accordance with the same level or upgraded vehicle arrangement principles, and the car brand cannot be specified.

4.In principle, children and infants are included in the number of passengers. According to relevant local regulations, minors under the age of 12 are not allowed to take the co-pilot seat.

5.The number of passengers and luggages of each vehicle type are limited. Please check carefully.


If there is no driver to recive the order, the order will be canceled and refuned in full automatically. Please change supplier or time to re-order, thanks.



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