China: Hangzhou Qiandao Lake

China: Hangzhou Qiandao Lake

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China: Hangzhou Qiandao Lake





l Duration:  8hours

l Transportation:  No

l Language:   Chinese

l Pick up,Drop off:   No

l Tour guide:   No

l Cancellation policy:  No cancellation or refund can be made once confirmed

l Wheelchair accessible:  Yes






1. Qiandao Lake ("Thousand Island Lake"), a human-made, freshwater lake located in Chun'an County, Zhejiang                Province, China, was formed after the completion of the Xin'an River hydroelectric station in 1959.

2. 1,078 large islands dot the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it. Over 90% of the area is forested. The islands in the lake include Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island (featuring supposedly the world's biggest lock),and the Island to Remind You of Your Childhood. The lake covers an area of 573 km2 (221 sq mi) and has a storage capacity of 17.8 km3 (4.3 cu mi). The islands in the lake cover about 86 km2 (33 sq mi).



√  Admission to Qiandao Lake.
×  All expenses except  the tickets.
×  Insurance and Fee.
×  Tour Guide.



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