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China: Suzhou Wooden Spoon

China: Suzhou Wooden Spoon

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China.Suzhou Wooden Spoon





l Duration:  3 hours

l Transportation:  No

l Language:  Chinese

l Pick up,Drop off:  No

l Tour guide:  No

l Cancellation policy:  No cancellation or refund can be made once confirmed

l Wheelchair accessible:  No







1. A wooden spoon is a utensil commonly used in food preparation.  

2. Wooden spoons have been made in virtually every nation on earth and (compared to silver or pewter or gold spoons) represent the ordinary artisan and reflect the life of ordinary folk: this is their "folk art".




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Room 301, Building J, Suzhou Design Town, No. 9 Jinpu Road, Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.


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Saturday and Sunday are peak periods, please reserve in advance. 

US $72.00

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